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It is a major choice to pick the best roofing contractor and one that you shouldn’t take lightly. After all, one of the most significant component of a secure and cosy home is a solid roof. With all the horror stories you hear about unscrupulous roofing contractors, it can be daunting to find anyone you can trust. We treat you as family at Roofing Company CT, always thinking for your best interest. Our purpose is to provide you with the right details so that your family can make the correct decision.

Here Are Some Common Types Of Repairs We Provide

Weather Damage

The roof will take on a great deal of damage, whether it is a hail storm, heavy snow, or storm in general. Since the roof is one of the components that continuously faces the existence of natural forces, it is extremely probable that water, snow, hail, and high-speed wind will destroy them. The kinetic effects of leaves, roots, and airborne bullets could even destroy them completely. 


On your roof, natural deterioration will occur due to changing temperatures. If the temperature varies during the day, the roof material extends and contracts. This expansion and contraction will cause cracks and gradual breakdowns on the surface of the roof. 

Water Damage

Water, especially in the event of poor drainage, will damage your roof. If water is accumulated on the roof or under the surface of the roof, the roof may begin to rot. If the roof is a metal roof, rusting may be induced. Rotting and mold growth will occur in the case of a wooden or tile roof, or even a shingle roof, which can weaken the roof.

Mold And Mildew

On your roof, mould, mildew, and moss are common items that grow. If you don’t handle your roof the same way, you’ll grow mould and moss. It will cause the roof to slump, hold water, rust, and create leaks. Moss and mold will reinforce the deterioration process of your roof.

Flashing Damage

What protects the roof from being compromised and causing leaks is your flashing. By blinking, the regions around the skylight, vent, and chimney are covered. We will mount in flashing its place whether you are flashing is getting loose or has deteriorated. For any leaks, we will waterproof the roof as well.

Loose And Missing Shingles

Sometimes, shingles break off, get loose, and get hurt. Climbing the roof and restoring it requires an experienced expert. Without proper equipment and safety gear, not every person can do this.

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