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Roofing Company CT in New Haven, CT’s local roofing company have been providing roofing services to the people of New Haven for more than 10 years now.

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Call Roofing Company CT in New Haven, if you have found cracked or broken shingles, stubborn leaks in your ceiling or have encountered a recent buildup of rainwater in your attic. To safeguard your house, you can need roofing repairs. The distinction between a roofing patch and a roofing overhaul may be to take care of the maintenance early. Our specialists in roofing are trained and ready to provide a reliable, free overview of your needs for residential roofing.

Services We Provide

Roof Replacement In New Haven, CT

If your roof is over 15 years old or older, regardless of the amount of weather-related damage to your roof, odds are that you need a new roof. And if your roof is 5 years old due to damage from wind folding your shingles and hail, you will still need a new roof. You will not even be able to see the impact from the street, because it has been for years in many homes and you don’t even know it’s there.

Roof Repair In New Haven, CT

 Expert tile roof repair, flat roof repair, shingle roof repair, metal roof repair, fluid-applied structure repair, roof penetration and parapet wall repair, gutter and sheet metal repair, and many more are carried out by Roofing Company CT. No matter the sort of repair needed, it can be fixed by us!

Roof Inspection In New Haven, CT

Our specialist roof inspections require the review of both the exterior (topside inspection) and the internal (attic inspection) of the overall state of the roof to assess if there is any current damage. It also requires a search for ceiling cracks and leakage, shingle and tile check, fascia review, gutters, drains and other equipment. 

Metal Roofing In New Haven, CT

We install and repair a metal roofs for commercial and residential properties. We have the best quality roofing material at our facility. When you want need metal roof installation our people will reach your place and give you a free estimate for the whole process.

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Why Choose Us?

Roofing Company CT provides a number of services, mostly related to, but not limited to, residential roofing, commercial roofing, and industrial roofing, including patio terraces, balconies, sun decks, and more weatherproofing. We plan all dates of operation, trained technicians, licences, materials and equipment, payments for waste service, taxes, and insurance. All of our roof repairs come with your assured satisfaction, including a small warranty on all repairs carried out. Roofing Company CT prides itself on putting clients first; since it protects your loved ones and valuables, we appreciate the value of a solid, sound roof. Feel safe at home knowing you have Perkins Roofing’s solid, durable roof overhead.




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