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The most common shingles used for roofs are asphalt shingles made of asphalt with a fibreglass, slate or felt paper foundation. To give it more strength, the top is coated with ceramic granules. It was established as a sturdy, easy-to-manufacture roof material that makes it more inexpensive and easy to build. While many other forms of roofing options have a long lifetime, it is ideal if you want something new and exciting every few years. It is not expensive to remove and add a shingle roof, so you don’t have to think about wasting a lot of money in the process. 

If you want the best, most reliable asphalt shingles roofing contractor, look to Roofing Company CT to get the job done right and delivered on time. If you need an new asphalt shingles roof installation, repair, or maintenance for your roof or , we have the right experts who will deliver quality results at a fair price.

Different Types Of  Shingles

Three Tab Shingle – A three tab shingle is single shingle, but they look like three shingles. Such types of shingles are easy to instal and require less time to install.

Architectural Shingle – The architectural shingle appears to be more like a tile than a shingle. Because of the shingle’s extra asphalt coat, they are bulkier and studier. They are useful for protection from the heat, but they weigh more on the roof frame.

Shingles come in different colors. You should choose the color that best complements your home.

Energy Efficient

Many shingles are made of reflective asphalt that reflects solar rays and avoids the heating of the actual roof. Regulating the inside temperature makes it more energy consuming. It also prevents the condensation of moisture under the surface of the roof as the moisture filled air rises. Shingles are exceptional insulators and the underlay installed before the shingle is placed serves to interfere with inside temperature as a solid outside temperature buffer.

Durability Of Asphalt  Makes It An Excellent Roofing Material 

There are several considerations that account for how long a roof can last. As described earlier, shingled roofs do not last as long as other forms of roofs such as metal roofs, but with careful maintenance the lifespan can be improved. You will be able to improve its life if you do daily maintenance on your shingled roof, search for water damage, and adjust broken shingles. Our roof repair crew will come to check the roof correctly going up to the edges with a proper brace. We’re going to substitute curled, broken shingles. We are going to renail the shingles that are falling off and also inspect the granules. After poor weather, shingled roofs are hardly affected. If you have ever encountered heavy rain, floods, or hailstorms, contact us for damage control shortly afterward. Ignoring the weather damage will exacerbate the problem and lead to costly repairs. Most weather damage is protected by real estate insurance. If you’re not sure how to claim the cash, our experts will help you get in.

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Thanks to its robust design, asphalt shingles have kept the property clean and stable for many years. Asphalt shingles can be of two varieties, due to the materials used: fibreglass and organic. For its water-resistant and fire-resistant character, asphalt shingle roofing in Connecticut is mostly common. As it is easy to build and usually comes under the average people’s budget, many property owners tend to use asphalt roofing in Connecticut to cover their housetop. If you’re also looking to get one, call us now. 




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